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【BDSM Fetish Course】

     90min. ¥30,000

 120min. ¥38,000

 150min. ¥44,000

 180min. ¥50,000

For sessions longer than 180 minutes, every 30 minutes extra is ¥6,000

A 15 minute extension (requested on the day) is ¥5,000


For female customers, there is a ¥5,000 discount.

※The transportation fee for sessions outside the Shinjuku area,Ikebukuro area and SM hotel "ALPHA-IN" begins from ¥1,000 (Please consult because the fee depends on the location, and please note that I only do sessions in hotels).

【Date Course】

60 minutes ¥10,000

Every 30 minutes extra is ¥5,000

 (This course includes things like dinner at a restaurant or going shopping together. It does not include play. If you hope for this, please book the BDSM fetish course).



・Keeping my stockings or socks to take home ¥1,000

・Keeping my panties to take home ¥1,500

・One golden shower is free (if you would like more than one then please consult when you book the session)

・Menstrual blood ¥5,000 (please inquire)

・Please note that I don’t offer brown showers or vomit sessions.

・For sessions with couples (one man and one woman) please inquire.

・For cross-dressing, sessions which use special toys, sessions involving clothes that I have worn for a day etc. I need to prepare by the previous day. So please let me know in advance.

Please note that I do not provide options for free.

・For shooting (photo or video), please inquire.

【About my services】

●Times when sessions are possible:

From noon until 3AM if booked on the previous day.

・The hotel fee is separate from the session fee. In Shinjuku there are many hotels offering 2 to 3 hour “rests” that you can choose from depending on your preferences and budget. The exact price depends on the room size and time of day, but is  usually less than ¥10,000. If the session finishes later than the last train, I will also need to ask for you to cover the taxi fare (about ¥2,000 if the session is in Shinjuku, higher elsewhere) .


●How to book

Please use the booking page on this site,


Please note that I do not take bookings by phone.


Please fill out the sections on the form that are marked with a red asterisk. Please list three possible session times in order of preference.


I will reply to let you know which times are possible for me.


If you haven’t got a reply within a day (and you have checked that it is not in your junk mail folder), please contact me again.


●Session flow

Sessions with me are possible for both male and female submissives, slaves, bottoms, masochists, fetishists etc.


Please tell me what play you would like and what your limits are in your inquiry. To make sure that I understand everything clearly, I’m happy to discuss your interests,limits and previous SM experience by email before the session.


The session time is counted from after I receive payment during pre-session negotiation.


After negotiation, I will ask you to take a shower while I get ready. This time is included in the session time.


After the play, you can take a shower, and the session will finish.


・Please understand that I only take bookings in advance. Bookings on the day are not possible.


・When you have decided which day you would like a session, I recommend booking as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


For first-time customers, I ask that you send me a confirmation email on the previous day, or on the day at least 3 hours before the session is scheduled to start.

(For example, in the case of a booking from 1PM on the 5th of April, could you please confirm on the 4th of April, or before 10AM on the 5th of April.)

・In the case where I don’t receive a mail by this time, the session will be cancelled.


 ●About the session location

Basically, I offer play in Shinjuku hotels or SM Hotel "ALPHA-IN"

In this area, there is no transportation fee.


In other areas, I require a transportation fee. The exact amount depends on the location, but is at least ¥1,000. 


I only do sessions in hotels, not in your house or apartment etc.


I can recommend hotels if you let me know your preferences and budget.

We will meet near the hotel (at a prearranged meeting place) and enter the hotel together.


Sometimes I offer sessions outside Tokyo. Please check my social media for announcements. 





I do not play with 

・People under 18 years old

・People who demand vanilla sexual services (such as kissing, blow jobs, full service etc.)

・People who use drugs

・Drunk people

・People involved in organised crime

・People who take photos or videos of me without permission

・Violent people

I can’t play with the above people and will reject sessions with them.

Also, I reserve the right to end sessions with such people early without refunding any payment.


If you would like any more information about this, please let me know at the time of your initial booking.

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